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My name is Myah Johnson and I am running for State Senator in District 44, which consists of Love Joy, Jonesboro, Morrow, Forest Park, and parts of DeKalb County. I have over a decade of State, Federal and Legislative Congressional experience where I have served as a Senior Constituent Services Representative on Federal, State and Legislative policy issues, in addition to, my extensive educational background in Political Science and Sociology from Georgia State University. I trained under and I worked for Congressman David Scott’s office for a decade, so I am thoroughly trained. While working in the Federal Sector for a decade, I had the opportunity to represent over 100,000 Constituents on federal, state, and legislative issues, and work with agencies such as: the Social Security Administration, United States Department of Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Internal Revenue Service, United States Department of Education, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, United States Postal Service, Office of Personnel Management and many more agencies to assist constituents in resolving their state and federal issue/issues.

I also worked as a Senior Housing Representative for nine years and I have assisted many constituents in avoiding foreclosure and keeping their homes. Additionally, I assisted thousands of constituents in filling out their financial documentation to qualify for the $345 Million dollar Hardest Hit Fund program. I also had the pleasure of providing new policy legislation to Congressman David Scott regarding the Hardest Hit Fund program, which was later implemented to allow more Georgians to get approved for this Federally funded, State administered program. I partnered with the United States Department of Treasury each year to allow constituents within the district the opportunity to meet face to face with their lender to obtain a loan modification or refinance their mortgage loan.


As a Senior Federal Congressional Representative, I attended Congressional briefings monthly to stay abreast of the State and Federal policies and procedures, which allowed me the expertise to assist constituents in obtaining their Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, Workers Compensation, avoid high student loan interest rates and obtain affordable legitimate student loan monthly payments, prevent employment discrimination amongst United States Postal employees, avoid tax liens and levies, obtain the right to sue in court, obtain a housing voucher, avoiding foreclosure in an effort to keep their home, etc. I also recognized policy on the local level within the district that needed to be changed and shared the policy with the Member in an effort for the new policies to be implemented to allow his constituents to have a positive outcome as it related to their state and federal matters. I managed staff, planned, and executed events. My training while working as a Senior Congressional Federal Representative allotted me the opportunity to work with individuals from all walks of life, in addition to, conducting opinion polls while working in the federal sector.  Additionally, I assisted with campaigns, obtained qualitative and quantitative data in the field and during Congressional events.


The same passion that I exerted when I assisted each constituent with their State and Federal issues when I worked for Congressman David Scott’s office, I will apply that same passion to assist each of you with your issues if I am elected to become your State Senator for District 44.

Vote for Myah and I will work with Commissioner Mark Butler to restructure our labor department to introduce new jobs into our community to reduce unemployment and underemployment.

Vote for Myah and I will write a bill to provide students in our district with college funding to go towards their college tuition and as an incentive for them to attend college overall.


The different scholarships that I plan on introducing are below:

1.)  The Andria Maria Johnson Scholarship: This Scholarship will be rewarded to students whose parents are deceased no matter when it happened as long as they can provide proof. The history behind this scholarship: Andria Johnson was my sister and she died at the age of 39 on November 10, 2019, due to medical issues leaving 3 children behind for our family to raise. As a result of this and the fact that so many children and families face this kind of situation on a daily basis, it is in my heart to create a scholarship that will help families financially to allow their children to still be able to attend college.


2.)  Quinn Kevon Heckstall Scholarship: This scholarship will be rewarded to student’s who have lost a loved one due to gang violence or a homicide. The history behind this scholarship: Kevon was my nephew who loved individuals from all walks of life and would help anyone that he came in contact with. He hung with a group of guys that he thought were his good friends, but they were not in the end. They were not on his level and as a result of that, they killed him, rather than ending the friendship.


3.)  Veteran’s Scholarship: This scholarship will be rewarded to any student whose parent is a Veteran.


4.)  Low Income Scholarship: This scholarship will be rewarded to any student whose parent/parents makes less than $60,000 a year.

5.)  Grandparent’s Scholarship: This scholarship will be rewarded to students that are being raised by their grandparents.

6.)  Foster Kids Scholarship: This scholarship will be rewarded to students that are being raised by foster parents or have been adopted.

“My plan is to award $5,000 per semester to each student under each scholarship program I listed to provide an incentive for students to want to attend college. Each student will have to provide the appropriate proof to be granted the scholarship.”

My mission is to also implement apprenticeship programs with corporations such as the Coca Cola Company, Georgia Power, Wells Fargo, CSX, and many more to allow individuals of the legal working age the opportunity to obtain training from a major corporation to have a permanent position that will pay a nice salary.


Street gang presence in our community is on the rise. My mission is to bring the Boys and Girls Clubs into our community to mentor our children, create programs focused on academics, leadership, and to provide employment opportunities for our youth.

Vote for Myah and I'll create job opportunities for returning citizens who have been provided a second chance to re-enter society. They must have opportunities to take care of their families to reduce the rate of recidivism.


The Home Safe Georgia program closed March 31, 2020. This is an awesome program that is federally funded by the United States Department of the Treasury and State administered to assist homeowners who are either unemployed, underemployed, have suffered a hardship they can prove, or owe more on their home than what it is worth.  Vote for Myah and I will work with the appropriate agencies to extend funding for this program so homeowners can continue to receive assistance within our community that require it.

I will also create a national sex trafficking taskforce to deter sex trafficking in our community and at Clayton County Hartsfield International Airport.

I will also create new laws for perpetrators that’s committing sex trafficking. I will introduce legislation that will have a positive impact on our community to benefit us all.

I will also work to obtain vouchers from the United States Housing and Urban Development to assist the homeless with obtaining housing.

I will also work with employment agencies and corporations to assist the homeless with obtaining employment as well.

I will also work to lower county taxes for the elderly and veterans.

Constituents that I have assisted in the 13th Congressional District are aware of my work ethic, how hard I have worked and will continue to work, to ensure that I favorably resolve the issues on their behalf. It is time for us to vote new leadership in that is abreast of the issues and can implement new positive changes that will favorably benefit our community. It will be my honor to take on this task and I can assure you that I will favorably get the job done and we will have a much happier stress free community.


I am a native of Clayton County, GA and I have two daughters that also attend Clayton County schools. I have two beautiful daughters, Iyana and Lexia, DuBoise who I adore very much. My daughters are both on the honor roll and they enjoy playing basketball and soccer. We enjoy spending quality time together as a family and we like to travel to new places, go shopping, go to the amusement parks and the trampoline parks for fun.


Family is very important to me and I want to implement my plans so that each family can enjoy being a family and not have to stress about trying to pay for college, or trying to find a job, etc. I want to implement my plans so that families can have less stress in their household and have happier times.

Vote for Myah and I'll implement my plans to make our district a better district for our families. I am very knowledgeable about the issues and I have the drive to get the job done.

I'm asking for your vote. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at:


Please vote for Myah Johnson for State Senator, District 44.

Thank you.

Myah Johnson

Myah Johnson

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